Northern Ohio Barn Painting
Friday, July 1, 2011 at 11:18AM
Scott Hagan

The last 10 days or so were crazy for an outdoor painter. I began the roadtrip in Westlake, Ohio as a speaker at the Library. I can remember the Ohio Bicentennial days were busy with such requests, and these days most groups still want to hear about that project (88+ barns in every county in Ohio). Quite a lightning storm came through the area as I was headed back to my camper parked at the barn in Norton, Ohio. I should have known this was a sign of things to come, at least as far as wet weather.

I started the "Buy Local" barn painting a bit later and ran into rain issues for sure. It was enought to mess up the paint job, so I had to head over to Sherwin Williams along with an old door taken off the barn so they could come up with a paint to match and cover up the mess.

I pretty much had 2 days of no work because of the weather. I was glad there was a cinema not too far away, but better yet a Red Box was literally 1 mile down the road. During the downtime I watched "Super 8" (not bad), the new X men flick(pretty good), I rented "The American" (not good) "True Grit"(great acting, but not a winner for me) and even "Just Go With It" (not bad). Maybe I should blog about movies and be the barn critic. But this tells you the kind of time I had on my hands.

On a Saturday it finally was a great day to paint. I only worked till around noon however because I had a date with some friends and my wife, Toby Mac was in the area and was the last of the 4 day Alive concert  at Atwood Lake near Mineral City (Oh).


Anyway back to some barn painting...



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