Madison County Ohio Bicentennial Barn
Monday, September 9, 2013 at 12:34AM
Scott Hagan

I have not posted to my blog in quite some time. After this past weeks work in Mt Sterling, Ohio I thought it would be a great to share with you the re-painting of one of the Ohio Bicentennial Barns.

As some of you may know, I got my true start to painting for a living through the project in Ohio where I painted 1 barn in each of the 88 Ohio counties. The logo became a signature of the 200 year anniversary, and the barn project was a huge success during the years 1998-2003. I traveled the state and was able to see many places and meet so many fine people.

One of the most important barns of the project was barn #7 in Madison County. The barn sits visible from I-71 about 1/2 hour south of the Columbus outerbelt I-270. I actually arrived there to paint over one of the 2 sides with a new message for motorists. I had not seen the barn in several years and right away it was evident that the west side of the barn was in desparate need of paint. So, re-painting the west side of the barn was a top priority. I had a talk with the owner and it wasnt long until we had an agreement to get it done. Here is what the process of stripping down the old paint, basecoat, and logo art painting looks like in a nutshell...

I also was able to paint my website address on the side of the barn in exchange for painting (that side).

It should be a great addition to the business. The only barn I can think of in the state with more visibility might be the Montgomery County Ohio Bicentennial Barn. Anyway, here is what the opposite side of the barn looks like...

Let me know if you have seen this barn, it is a can't miss!

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