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Hopkinsville, KY Barn painting

While the trip to Hopkinsville Kentuckey was a long one, it was enjoyable. It was my first time to travel through Louiville and I was able to see Slugger field all lit up for a baseball game, and the stadium where the cardinals play college football. From the highway the city was stunning.

I arrived at the New Work Fellowship Church in Hopkinsville Kentuckey ( and found a solid barn ready for a sign. The barn faces west and is visible from the 68 by-pass. It was very windy weather, but wow it was like summer! I was able to paint well into the night and gave up around 12:30 am so I could take advantage. The barn was painted with a new basecoat and the artwork was finished on a Sunday morning before the first services began at the church.

As a side note, this is the first time painting a barn that I almost stepped on a snake. It startled me for sure, but after a few moments I calmed down and we sized each other up.

I was thinking I did not want to deal with him later, so I grabbed one of my painter extension poles out of the truck, got a hold of the snake in the mid section and catapolted the thing out into the feild. It was a sight to see it rotate through the air alright.

Meanwhile the service at the Hopkinsville New Work Fellowship Church was great. They have a real talented group of praise and worship singers and it felt a bit like a christian music concert. One singer in particular was a real treat and I would guess could sell some records on his own.

Up next: Gatlinburg TN



A Mail Pouch From Scratch

Today I began day two of painting the mail pouch barn-to-be near Parkersburg WV. Lots of challenges on this barn but none bigger than the temperatures. Today seems to be slightly more bearable than yesterday as there is a slight breeze. I have spent the afternoons in my camper under the comfort of the AC. The main focus of the barn faces west north-west, so the shade hours of work are all used up by 2:00. One side of the barn I am also painting faces south, so it gets the full force of the sun. Last night I painted the primer on that side, starting at around 7 and I worked even after the sun went down behind one of West Virginia's average sized mountains. A pole light helped with the task for a while and I hated to quit because it was so comfortable out at the time.

The barn is certainly thirsty. I used about 10 gallons of primer, and so far 9 gallons of black for the face side. I am a bit short on paint to finish the side so I will have to make a paint run to Sherwin Williams.



My goal is to have the Mail Pouch lettering done by tomorrow at 2 - I want to beat the heat!




army strong barn painting

Today I finished the barn painting of the army strong logo at Caledonia, Ohio. It sits facing River Valley High School and will  be quite visible - at least until the corn grows.

All was not smooth however on this project. I found a surprise when I walked out to get started this morning...

 This is what can happen when working on metal and working too late in the day. It was a heavy dew that burned me here.

Well I spent the day fixing it up and finished in the afternoon. Here is what the barn looks like all finished


Conotton Valley Schools gym paintings- Bowerston Ohio

Today more prep work was done to the 3rd of 3 gymnasiums at the Conotton Valley Schools. As this Gym sits in the heart of downtown Bowerston, Ohio, the first gym was actually finished this morning. It is located in Sherrodsville, and has become a complete transformation. It has been said this particular part of the project was not a painting, but a complete renovation. The ceilings were fixed of holes and areas of decay(not by myself but another contractor), then all areas were painted white, the bricks were painted to look brand new, and the floor received new lines as well as the school logo at half court.

I will be adding the final picture of this gymnasium soon when the floor gets its 2nd coat of urithane. That part of the project will be handled by the district maintenance crew. They also did a great job sanding the floor in preparation of the new lines and artwork. A special thanks to Keith for all the extra effort on the floor.  

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